About atom.

atom. are a new modern thinking company who specialise in managed IT and telecommunication services including both cloud and on premise solutions.

Based in Newcastle on the sunny banks of the river tyne we cover the North of England and Scotland.

At atom. we like to consider ourselves as an extension to your business. When you work with us, we want it to feel like we are just down the hall, ready to help when needed.  We are open to staff party invites too – we’ll even get the first round in!

atom. pride ourselves on designing and providing state of the art IT and telecom strategies from the ground up as well as working with your existing services and solutions.

We believe our customer “talk first” approach provides the best support experience available.

Some will try to persuade you that the most up-to-date technology with an all singing all dancing solution is needed in order for your business to succeed. Let’s be honest though – if you just need reliable hardware, solid IT support and a stable data connection – we aren’t going to suggest you invest in whatever Elon Musk uses to launch his space lasers!

If on the other hand you require a compliance driven enterprise grade Cloud architecture fit for Captain Kirk, our experienced team can help with that too.

atom map of the UK