Meet the Team: Steven Brumbill, Account Director

Nappies. Laundry. Batman. Rotherham United. What links them all together? It can only be Steven Brumbill. Read on and get to know Atom’s boxset-loving new Account Director.

Hailing from South Yorkshire, Steven Brumbill gained his first experience of living properly in the North when he moved up to study Internet Computing at Northumbria University back in 2002.

As part of his studies, Steven completed a year working at Procter & Gamble, working with clients such as Pampers, Hugo Boss and Pringles. From there, he progressed into the world of technology by working at a North East based Managed Service Provider before moving into enterprise account management in the telecoms industry for Virgin Media Business. Here he managed clients such as Sage, Sitel (Now Foundever), British Engines and Swissport, giving Steve great experience in translating complex technical solutions into real life business objectives.

A long stint in the commercial laundry industry in various Senior Management roles (both Commercial and Operational) – gave Steve valuable experience in a senior position following his time in the IT and Telecoms industry. But in 2024 he decided it was time for a new challenge after having wrung every last drop out of the role.

His talent for communicating technical details in clear terms and personable approach drew him back towards customer-led roles and, when the opportunity to join Atom came along, he jumped in with both feet.

Here’s more from Steve in his own words:

Having joined Atom in 2024, what are your first impressions of the company?

“The business is young in trading years, but we are well beyond that in terms of our customers and experience. The ambitions of the business match my own personal ambitions. I’m an all-in guy when it comes to being part of a team, and I’m looking forward to growing with the business.”

“I like a good analogy, and I’d liken Atom to an army with a variety of capabilities. We can provide the army our clients need to meet their objectives – whether that’s the frontline soldiers (the foundation-level support) or the snipers and lookouts to help on an enterprise level.”

“We work in tandem with businesses, large or small, to provide the exact services and support they need. It’s absolutely not a one-size-fits-all approach.”

What does a typical day at Atom look like for you?

“In my current role, I’m a lone wolf, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t a pack. I report into our Managing Director, Dean Cowens and I work closely with Dean and our Technical Director, Leon Hughes.”

“What’s great about working at Atom is that, although there are team members with varying levels of experience and seniority, there’s no ego involved and it’s really collaborative across the business. We just all want the business to win.”

“The business culture is second to none. From the riverside views to the comradery within the team, it’s a very positive environment.”

What's the appeal of Atom?

“Working in the North East tech sector is great because the industry is buzzing – there is so much going on within the community right now. We’ve all been an employee of a larger business that sees you as just another cog in the machine, but Atom really cares about the happiness and wellbeing of staff.”

“We’re unashamedly geeks here, too, which is quite refreshing and brings a fantastic workplace culture. Even my son wants to work here because we’ve got Batman posters on the wall and we talk about Ghostbusters. We’re not afraid to show our clients that human side because we all know that we have the skills and dedication to do each job right. There’s an iron-clad sense of trust.”

“The focus and enthusiasm the business has surrounding customer service is absolutely key and is just one of the reasons our customers enjoy working with us I think that the quality of our work and the time we take to build long-term relationships with strong foundations really sets us apart from many businesses in our sector. Bringing in new customers is important, but we also want to keep our current clients happy.”

What does your in-tray look like currently?

“Right now, I’m in conversation with a number of enterprise-level organisations to find out more about their requirements and their current challenges to see how we can help them optimise operations and improve efficiency.”

When you're not working hard, what are you doing?

“I’m a massive Alan Partridge fan, and a big Rotherham United fan. I like to play golf, and I’m a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself. I also love films and boxsets. My favourites are Casino, The Dark Knight, Breaking Bad, and all the Star Wars films – even the sh*t ones!”

“I’d also describe myself as a family guy nowadays. My wife and I love to introduce our young kids to new places, food and experiences togethers.”

What's your parenting philosophy?

“Don’t let the bad days get to you, but equally, don’t get too cocky when things are going well!”

A little-known fact about you is...

“I used to play the flute, but now I play the drums, which I think is a bit cooler. I was also once a mascot for Rotherham United when they played against Shrewsbury Town. But I might be the only one who finds that interesting!”

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