Meet the Team

atom. know the power of having great partners. Han Solo & Chewbacca, Bert & Ernie, Lennon, McCartney, Harrison & Starkey are all possibly some of the best partnerships in history, but they can’t provide you with our services. However, we have taken their approach of excellence through collaboration and have strategically chosen to work with only the brightest and best, to deliver nothing but pure excellence for all our clients.

Dean Cowens

Managing Director

Having worked in the technology industry for 23 years Dean has seen the move from analogue to digital to cloud technology. His knowledge across the IT and Telecommunications industries is second to none. But, that’s not what you want to know about him! 

He is the driving force behind making atom a bloody great place to work. Working alongside Andrew and Leon to strive not just for excellence in their work, but having fun along the way too (that goes for our team members and our customers). 

Some of his genius ideas include the “CTRL, ALT, Delete” room in the office and introducing unlimited holidays for the team, a well-stocked beer fridge and a company culture that truly stands out.

Leon Hughes

Technical Director 

Having worked in both enterprise and SME businesses at all levels, including co-owning, building and running a succesful IT business until it was aquired, Leon is proud to be involved with atom from the outset.  He has worked in highly technical environments from finance to legal, education to construction and excels at finding solutions to complex problems.

So, what else does he get up to when he is not technical tinkering I hear you say?

In his spare time Leon produces music for well-known artists and works with the team of a certain North Shields based Brit Awards winner, if you get who we mean!

He also loves Caravans, but that’s enough said about that! 

Andrew Marsh

Sales & Operations Director 

The wealth of knowledge and contacts Andrew has accumulated in the IT industry since the late 90’s is unprecedented.  If you need a safe pair of hands to help design, implement and support an IT environment for your business, then Andrew is your man without a shadow of a doubt. 

As well as an optimally wired brain for IT he knows a lot about other things too. Andrew is a huge sports fan including football, rugby and F1.

He is an avid traveller when it comes to following his sporting interests and has attended multiple GP’s, with his favourite being the SPA (Belgian Grand Prix) rolled in with a trip to Brussels to the Delirium Café.

Gary Grant

Senior Technical Consultant 

Our head of voice Gary is everything telecoms based at atom. As our chief Mitel, IPECS and hosted telecoms engineer he is the brain box behind anything you talk in to. Since joining atom Gary has taken our mobile provisioning and support to new heights. He loves to talk!

Gary is another big sports fan and is an English hockey cup winner, showing his desire to win and test himself.

Now enjoying retirement from being smacked with a hockey stick Gary can still be found on the pitch supporting the next generation of future champions, including his son Leo. 

Rhys Price

Senior Technical Consultant 

As one of our IT guru’s Rhys works with our enterprise and SME clients. Rhys loves to find, design and implement the correct IT solution for our clients. He is our onsite face and our clients love his friendly can do attitude. 

When he takes off his IT cap you will normally find him with either a spanner or fishing rod in his hand. As a keen car restorer and fisherman.

Rhys loves to keep himself busy and really pushes the boundaries of working remotely by updating urgent job tickets whilst stood in his waders, in a river! Dedicated lad!

Daniel Wallace

Senior Technical Consultant 

Daniel works with our enterprise and SME clients. We don’t mind telling you, Daniel is so well loved, that when he told a client he was leaving his old company to join another IT company. He was told by the client that he is “dead to them”!

Thankfully for him, the client ended up moving over to atom too and Dan is now very much alive to them once more. 

As a great husband and Dad, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family when not at work. When the sun is shining, he loves to take his motorbike for a spin.

Dan loves the Isle of Man TT and can be found with a beer in hand, enjoying the fast bikes.

Connor Snaith

ServiceDesk Manager

Our customers blooming love Connor!  Kicking off his career in hospitality,
he already knew how to look after customers.   Now that he’s been ‘atomised’, his IT skills have gone stratospheric.

Once a Jedi Systems Analyst, he’s now a Master or a ‘ServiceDesk Manager’.  You
might be telling yourself, he obviously manages the helpdesk.  Well..  yes he does that, but….    Well here goes nothing…

Connor makes sure that service delivered to our customers is second to none.  He keeps a close eye on things, works with other Master Jedi’s to keep our processes in check and deals directly with customers himself.  


Since joining atom. we have seen Connor flourish; he truly is one of a kind
(still likes going out in the daytime) and we are pleased to have him. However,
his sense of humour is truly awful and his affection for a microwave is
mind-boggling.  Put the last sentence down as tongue and cheeky and we
really have a great guy on our hands.

Connor Snaith

Discover why here at atom. we like to “Talk First”