Our Services

We are a modern business with a fresh approach. 

Our strategically chosen team has a proven track record in the delivery and support of projects to large, medium and small enterprise businesses on time and within budget.


Mega-fast, ultra reliable and Infinitely scalable business connectivity that refuses to quit!

Cloud & Managed

Superior cloud solutions that ensure optimal performance, reliability and scalability so you can live long and prosper.

Technical Support

If you have a problem,
If no one else can help
And if you can find them
Maybe you can hire
the A-team atom.


We provide both onsite and cloud solutions as we know that one size doesn’t fit all.

Mobile Solutions

We have partnered with plan.com to deliver O2 and EE to our customers. plan.com are market leaders in delivering strategic mobile solutions, instead of it being based on cost.

Cyber Security

Our solutions are designed around your organisation, to provide the best possible security protection.

Imagine Professor McGonagall’s protection spell over Hogwarts during the battle with Lord Voldemort.
That level of protection!

Why choose atom.

We at atom. pride ourselves on designing and providing state of the art IT and telecom strategies from the ground up just as much as take pride in working within your existing setup and systems to find new solutions.

We wholeheartedly believe our “talk first” approach will provide you the best support experience available. 

Some will try to persuade you that only the most up-to-date technology with an all singing all dancing solution is needed in order for your business to succeed.

Let’s be honest though – if you just need reliable hardware, solid IT support and a stable data connection – we aren’t going to suggest you invest in whatever Elon Musk uses to launch his space lasers!

If on the other hand you require a compliance driven enterprise grade Cloud architecture fit for Captain James T Kirk, our experienced Trek Tech Savvy team can help with that too.